Cuisine of Goa

What else denotes the spirit of Goa in a best way, other than its beaches? It is by feasting on the cuisine of Goa. Goan food is simple but spicy, chili hot, and caustic. It is a perfect mix of east and west. The culture of Goa is represented in their flavors and their cooking styles. The famous and mouth watering fish, curry, rice and fenny package will leave you asking for more and more. Goans have a assorted platter that includes prawns, chicken sausages, beef and numerous other vegetarian dishes.

The best thing about the cuisine of Goa is that the traditional style of cooking is alive still today. The tourists in Goa can take tours of the adjoining rural areas to see the locals cooking food in clay pots on firewood. They do not consider the modern cooking conveniences that much. They favour the traditional preparation because it gives an additional smoky flavour to the dish of Goa. This shows that the Goans enjoy not only what they eat, but also in the way they cook it.

Like the land itself, the cuisine of Goa, has many flavors and tastes having the rich treasure trove of cookery delicacies. Its origin can be traced for a long time in past. The cooking is influenced greatly from the historical events, such as the invasion of Portuguese people. Portuguese rule has left a deep-seated influence on the innovative style of Goa's cooking. This has led to an exotic mix of delicious and spicy cuisine. It is influenced from the two of the other main religions of India, Christianity and Hinduism. This perfect blend of different cooking styles and inspirations is what places the food of Goa among the best cuisines of India.

In the normal daily Goan meal, seafood holds an important place. From Galhina Piri-Piri, Pork Vindaloo, prawns stuffed Papad, fried fish and the exotic concoctions of ambot-tik, Goan cuisine is truly irresistible. Goan cuisine is proficient to satisfy even the most choosy and foodie appetites.

Take a culinary journey in some of the most exotic Goan specialties on your holiday tour to Goa.

The Flavors of Goa

The Famous Sweets
Sannas -1
Wheat halwa
Bolo sans rival

The Exotic Desserts
Coconut Soufflé
Bebinca (Seven layered cake)
Three- in- one party custard pudding
Date and walnut pudding

Fresh Apple Cake
Chocolate Cake with Heavenly Icing
Goan Coconut Pancakes
Coconut and raisin cake
Raisins Cherry Cake
Semolina jaggery cake

Crab Curry
Prawn Balchao
Ambot Tik
Shark Ambo Tik
Fish Reacheado
Goan Fish Head Curry
Spiny lobster
Fish Caldine
Fish Balchao
Goan Prawn Caldine
Goan Prawn Curry - 1
Prawn Curry - 2
Fófos de bacalhau (cod fish rolls)
Clams fritters ( tisreo or kube dhangar)
Crab Curry
Goa Shrimp Curry
Goan Sambharachi Kodi
Crab xec xec
Fish Reacheado

Sumptuous Rice
Fried Rice
Goan Mussel Pulao
Goan Sausage Pulao

Mouthwatering Vegetarian
Cashew Green Peas Bhaji
Vattana Masala
Pineapple and Mango Sasvam
Brinjal bharta
JackFruit curry
Bean sprouts
Doodhi suken (yellow pumpkin dry)
Karantim (bitter gourd) sukem
Khatkaten (mixed vegetables)
Drumsticks curried
Tendlim (tempeirada)
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