Fairs and Festivals in Gujarat

Experience dazzling Gujarat in all its brilliant hues while you celebrate local festivals with joy and enthusiasm.

January winters in Gujarat are sprinkled with happy colors of the Kite Festival that is celebrated on January 14 every year. Enjoy the Modhera Dance Festival that is a regular annual event and offers a forum for classical and folk dancers to showcase their talent.

February - March in Gujarat India brighten up with fairs and festivals like the Kutch Utsav and Mahasivaratri celebrations.

April heralds the Dangs Darbar tribal fair that showcases glittering panoramas of folk arts, dances and musical extravaganzas. Local tribal chiefs grace this occasion in all their finery. Holi the festival of colors is celebrated with great gusto in the month of April all over Gujarat, India. Locals come together and dance around bonfires and sprinkle each other with colorful power prepared from dried flower, herbs and other natural ingredients.

The Gunbhakheri Village Chitra-Vichitra fair is a captivating confluence of local Adivasi culture, traditions and customs.

July welcomes that time of the year when Ahmedabad glitters with ethnic traditions of the Jagdish Temple Rathayatra. Later in the month the people of Gujarat celebrate Janamashtami and Gokulashtami with great devotion and enthusiasm.

August is that time of the year when the Tarnetar Village in Gujarat India bursts with joyous celebration as young girls and boys choose their life partners and mates. The Ravechi Mata Temple Fair in Kutch, is another important Gujarat fair.

The Bhadra Purnima Fair that is celebrated in the Ambaji Village in Gujarat, India is a gala that transports you into a whole new world of cultural grandeur.

October brings with it the time for spiritual fasting, enjoyment and celebration of 'the victory of good over evil'. The nine day Navaratri festival cloaks entire Gujarat in festive fervor and pious prayers. Dussera is celebrated by one and all with festive joy all over Gujarat, India.

November is when the people of Gujarat flock in large numbers near River Meshwo and camp for 2 weeks, celebrating the Kalia Bhavji feast or the Shyamlaji Fair. Tribal communities such as Garasias and Bhils participate in the fair in great numbers. Also known as Kartik Purnima, the Shyamlaji Fair is of immense religious and ethnic significance in Gujarat, India.
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