Goa Carnival

Come to Goa in February and the Goa carnival beckons you to enjoy inexhaustible fun and frolic. It is the time when excitement bubbles all across the region of Goa. The beautiful Indian state of Goa dresses up for carnival no less than a young bride all set to enjoy her marriage arrangements. To see Goa getting into the carnival mood, basically the party mood is a most special experience you will have on your tour to Goa with Taj Mahal Tourism.

Goa carnival, designated as one of the most popular festivals of India, is a three day long fest. It had its origin in Goa during the reign of King Momo. Since those times, it has become popular among the masses even more. King Momo conducted the Goa carnival just before the Lent period. Lent is the time period in the Christian calendar when people observe fast and penance. You can see it quite similar to the Mohammedan fast that lasts before Ramzan Id.

The festival of Goa generally begins on Sabado Gordo, also called Fat Saturday. It further concludes on Shrove Tuesday or the Fat Tuesday. It is the eve of Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent season.

The word CARNIVAL is derived from the Latin word Carnelevarium. It means 'putting away the flesh'. Carn means flesh, and leavare means to remove. Carnival in Goa is promoted by the state authorities as the festival for Christian, fun lovers and for various small and large manufacturing and dealing companies. The precise reason behind the carnival is not identified. But it seems the carnival had its origin in the need of human kind. It gives itself an absolute holiday from the everyday problems and cares of the daily routine. During carnival of Goa, you should expect the air in Goa to be filled with hues and scents of happiness. Colorful marches and prolific floats parade all through the streets of Goa. Masked people sing, dance and mark the hilarious and glitzy Goan celebration keeps on for three days and four nights. Music fills through the air and you cannot resist to join the dance. Roads get jam packed with fun and the fun loving people in Goa to be filled with enjoyment and nothing but enjoyment. Carnival is three days of nonstop fun, music and dance. Goa is the perfect place to be during the February month.

Goa Carnival is a carnival of fun, carnival of colors and carnival of joy for the people and tourists in Goa. Tourists make it a point to prepare their visit to Goa during that occasion. The tourists crowd the streets either to observe the procession and also to participate in it. No matter who you are or what you do, the Goa carnival gets everyone close to have fun all around.
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