Goa Churches

Other than the nature's gift, Goa is a treasure house of man made architectural glory. Marvel at the architectural wealth of Goa as you tour its churches and temples. Among the other landmarks of Goa, the churches of Goa are one of the most visited attractions. This entire state of western India, Goa, is marked intensely with beautiful churches that depict the rich religious heritage of Goa.

Goa churches are the one positive aspect related to the Portuguese colonial period in Goa. Thanks to the Portuguese rule, Goa is a storehouse of delightful stone churches, ornate with tiered frontispieces, multiple columns and pilasters. The churches belong to the period of late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

Most of the tourists, who visit Goa with the dominating images of the nature and beaches of Goa, return equally impressed with the architecture of Goan churches. They are of great interest to the historians, art lovers, archaeologist, students of architecture and even the common tourists who visit Goa to have a memorable holiday. Being in Goa, as you set out to explore Goa, you would not resist visiting the churches as well. Churches in Goa are the timeless example of excellent architecture and tangled designs.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa is dedicated to the infant Jesus. Built in 1605, it is famous as an important pilgrimage point throughout the Roman Catholic world. Its history is as interesting and rich as is its beautiful architecture. Declared as a World Heritage Monument, the Basilica of Bom Jesus houses the holy sacrament and the remais of St. francis Xavier. It is a must visit in Goa.

Se Cathedral
The Se Cathedral, dedicated to St. Catherine, is the largest church of Goa and perhaps the whole Asia. Its original building was constructed on 25th November 1510 with mud, stones and straw. It is dedicated to St. Catherine because it was on the St. Catherine's day that Alphonso de Albuquerque won over Goa. The church has about 14 altars, 5 bells, 80 meters long aisle. It also houses the famous golden bell.

Church of St. Alex
Among the beautiful Goa churches, this church has two towers and a splendid dome. It is the church of Goa that displays the magnificent beauty of its architectural style and ornated altars.

Ries Magos Church
Built in 1555, it is also famous with the name of the Three Magi Kings. It was once the mission center of the Franciscan Order of Monks. It has also been the official residence of the Portuguese dignitaries in the colonial period. It offers the tourists a lot of beautiful things to see and admire.

The other churches that are the most appreciated especially for their beautiful architecture are-The Chapel of St. Xavier, The Church of Mae de Deus, Church of St. Andrew, The Church and Convent of St. Monica, Convent & Church of St. Francis of Assisi, The Chapel of Our Lady of The Mount, Church of Our lady of the Rosary, convent & Church of St. Cajetan, Chapel of St. Anthony, ruins of the Convent and Church of St. Augustine, Rachal Seminary and many others.
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