Honeymoon in Rajasthan

Golden desert sands, sarangi players who serenade you at the edge of the desert, beautiful forts and palaces that were once the abode of brave warriors and beautiful ladies, all contribute towards the making of the romance that is Rajasthan.

The magnificent Jaipur Fort, built by Maharaja Jai Singh, has many smaller palaces and temples inside where the atmosphere of the days gone by still lingers. Visit the Hawa Mahal, the palace of the ladies, where the royal women remained secluded from the world outside. Alwar, a little visited town in Rajasthan, has the Palace of Queen Padmini, one of the most beautiful women of her times. Emperor Allaudin Khilji, infatuated by her beauty, attacked Alwar in order to gain possession of her, thus leading to a tragic war. The Jaisalmer Fort, with a golden façade that shimmers through the desert, is like a beautiful fairy palace. It houses many old temples and bazaars, apart from three graceful palaces. Udaipur, a very romantic city, has been called The Venice of the East because of its beautiful canals and lakes. The clear lakes of Udaipur, with palaces and temples on the lake islands, surprise the visitor who probably thought of Rajasthan as simply a desert state. This diversity of Rajasthan makes it a honeymooners' paradise, with lakes, deserts, forts, palaces, a rich culture, and a warm, exuberant people.

The heritage hotels of Rajasthan are located inside the palaces of the erstwhile rulers of Rajasthan. Apart from modern facilities like air conditioning, data ports, satellite television, gym, spas etc., very little has changed here since the time Rajput chieftains lived here with their consorts. The magnificent interiors of the hotels make you feel like a royal personage.

For those who want a taste of Rajasthan that is off the beaten track, and yet have a romantic time, the heritage havelis of Rajasthan are a good option. The havelis are run much in the line of the heritage hotels, maybe with fewer luxuries, but more hospitality from the host. The traditionally dressed retainers who have served the resident family for years also serve you, making you feel at home.

And the beautiful jewels, trinkets, handicrafts and textile of Rajasthan make fabulous gift items. The beautifully embroidered skirts, with mirror work embellishments, are a favorite with women. The embroidered "jutis", Rajasthani shoes, are a hit with both men and women. The chunky silver jewelry and lac bangles of Rajasthan are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the woman you love.
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