Nearby Attractions of Ranthambore

While on a visit to Ranthambore National Park, you have plenty of options than just visiting the National Park. Don't just limit yourself to the natural beauty of the wildlife of Ranthambore. You can explore the nearby tourist attractions as well.

Among several nearby tourist attractions near Ranthambore National Park, the nearest is the town of Sawai Madhopur. Sawai Madhopur is situated amidst the hills of the Aravali and Vindhyachal Ranges. Jaipur is at a distance of 180 km towards the northwest from Sawai Madhopur. The Sawai Madho Singh-I of Jaipur built the town of the Sawai Madhopur in 1765 AD. The town was thus named after its founder. At a little distance from Sawai Madhopur are Tonk, Karauli and Mahaveerji. These towns are near Ranthambore National Park and famous as tourist attractions for their monuments and markets.

The Ranthambore School of Art is near the own of Sawai Madhopur and worth a visit. The Ranthambore School of Art patronizes the paintings of the painters from the local villages. The primary theme of their paintings is the terrific tigers of Ranthambore. The wild cats are depicted very realistically in their true glory in paintings of the Ranthambore School of Art. Nearby Attractions of RanthamboreThe subjects of the painting include waiting in ambush for their prey, emerging from the dense forests, cuddling with their cubs and resting on the ruins in the park. The painters try to capture different aspects and moods of the tigers of Ranthambore n their paintings. The painters play an important role in spreading awareness about the need to conserve and preserve the tigers of Ranthambore among the villagers by interacting with them.

You can shop for souvenirs and gifts from the shops at these towns. There are many shops of arts and crafts in Sawai Madhopur from where you can buy paintings and other items of crafts. T-shirts, postcards, posters and greeting cards with images of tigers and other wild animals and birds of Ranthambore are also for sale in the shops. Local textiles, traditionally embroidered and mirrored clothes, Rajasthani turbans, puppets and other handicraft items perfect choice as souvenirs to take back home as a part of fond memories of your trip to Ranthambore and the nearby attractions.

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