Shopping in Goa

The best way to treasure the Goan dream and experience the exciting spirit of Goa is by shopping in Goa. It is the ultimate activity that will attach you instantly with all those things and artists who are unique to Goa. Shopping in Goa is the priority activity for most of the tourists. Take a shopping tour and know what all is in Goa to take back home and treasure lifelong.

Gather all the shining and magical hues that are dispersed in the dreamy landscape of Goa. The people of Goa are so closely bonded with their culture and roots and preserve a great legacy. Their rich talent and creativity gets in all the artifacts made by the artisans here. A light walk through the Goan bazaars and a look at the attractive goods displayed there will bring you quite close to the thrill of the vivacious township.

It is better to start your shopping tour from the city center. The streets of Goa are well decorated with shopping goods and usually hustle bustle with to and fro buyers in the early and late hours of the day. The local markets of Goa have a riot of multi hues with exotic and striking product range. The local markets you will like the best are New Market at Margao, Anjuna flea market and Mapusa Friday Market.

It is a memorable experience to shop in the traditional markets of towns and villages of Goa. You can see the true look of the ethnic culture of Goa. The fantabulous local handicrafts of Goa are the most famous souvenir items. You can find here the terracotta, brassware, crochet, shell work, carved furniture, papier-mâché, and bamboo work products.

In the markets of Goa, you will find antiqueness all around. Move on to Baga beach, that hosts 30 per cent of all the antique shops of Goa. You can shop at the antique gallery at Baga. See here the display of artifacts, like furniture, bronze ware, lamps and glassware. Tourists, especially from abroad love the antique pieces here that include golden lamps, seashells jewelry and glass wares of crystal.

The Mapusa Friday market is full of beautiful products made of raw wood. You can find here the wooden products like the coir mats, wood furniture, wooden carvings and hats made of straw. Apart from the local markets, you can also try the Government Emporia and also the small stalls and shops near popular tourist spots of Goa.

Another item that is on the top of the lists of tourists who come here is a pack of famous cashew nuts. You can easily find the shops that specialize in selling cashew nuts only. Even in plain nuts, you can have flavors and a wide variety of tastes that range from plain to salted and also Masala (spicy).

Goa is truly a shopper's paradise. Do not see it to be a mere destination with natural splendor. It is also a place where you can treasure the ethnic and cultural extravaganza. Your visit to Goa will not be complete unless you take back a souvenir of your unforgettable journey to the Goan paradise.
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