Wildlife in Gujarat

Located in Kathiawad peninsula of Gujarat, Sasangir National Park is a dwelling place of Asiatic Lions. Besides the prowling Asiatic lions there are large number of chitals, chinkara, leopard, wild ass and other animals are found in Sasangir National Park. These species of endangered wild animals is properly conserved so that they may not become extinct. The Park arranges for Jeep Safaris and Photography expeditions for its tourists. There are three contiguous reserves that make up the park namely the Nalsarovar Lake (a bird sanctuary), Little Rann of Kutch (habitat of Indian Wild Ass and Flamingo Island.

Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary
Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. In the heart of the sanctuary there are islands known as Baits that form the base of this sanctuary as the birds and animals are always inhabited towards the core and do not want to want to be at periphery for the fear of humans. Wolf, jackal, fox, reptiles (snakes, tortoises, lizards etc.), jungle and desert cats are also found here. The sanctuary has constructed watchtowers to facilitate proper and easy view of the landscape and the inhabiting animals. To provide accommodation facilities to the tourists, a tourist complex is set up.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
Chirping, Squawking, trilling and cheeping birds all over to win your heart play hide and seek in Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. You can see kingfishers, egrets, darters, cormorants, grebes, storks, jacanas and many colorful birds inhabiting their quaint nests. Enjoy the sight of the birds engaged in fighting, nourishing their young ones and showing various animations. The waterhole covers an area of 115 square kilometer. Boating facilities are available for taking a stroll to see the birds meditating on the ocean to find their prey.

Marine National Park
Country's first Marine National Park was built in Gujarat. It spreads over an area of about 458 square kilometers in the Gulf of Kutch. Among dense deciduous forests you can see animals of different shapes and sizes like chowsingha, blackjacks, four-horned antelope, Indian bustard and birds like flamingos etc. The crystal clear water teems with the shoals of eels, sea urchins and corals.

Velavadar Blackbuck Sanctuary
Blackbuck Sanctuary is a conservatory opened primarily for endangering blackbucks. Blackbuck is a very beautiful animal. It has spiral horns that have three to four coils. Other animals found in this region are wolf, jackals, bustard and antelopes. The park has a rich variety of bird life as well.
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