Wildlife in Kashmir

The varying geographical conditions, flora and fauna of Kashmir have given rise to many kinds of plant and animal life. The inaccessible peaks of the Himalayas are ideal breeding grounds for the Chiru, the endangered deer, while the snow leopard finds a home in the snows covered mountain crevices. The plains of Jammu harbor birds like Cinnamon Sparrows, pheasants, yellow grosbeak and other species. The Himalayan Grey Langur is found in the green valleys of Kashmir. The rocky terrain of Ladakh harbors yak, ibex and mouse hares.

The authorities have set up a number of wildlife parks to protect the endangered wildlife in Kashmir.

Dachigam National Park
Dachigam National Park is located 32 kilometers from capital Srinagar. Covering an area of just 140 square kilometers, the Dachigam National Park is one of the last remaining habitats of endangered species like Hangul and musk deer, as well as leopards. The Park is as famous for harboring the most exotic wildlife in Kashmir as for its magnificent beauty. The dense forests of pine on the mountain slopes, as well as the shrubs along the Dachigam stream are a sight to behold.

Overa Wildlife Sanctuary
The Overa Wildlife Sanctuary lies 87 kilometers from Srinagar. The Overa Sanctuary is famous for its plant and animal species. The animals like Hangul, musk deer, snow leopards and langurs found at the park are native only to Kashmir. The birds include Himalayan Thrush, Mynah, Griffon Vulture and many other species. The Overa Wildlife Park is also famous for a varied population of plants like pines, mushrooms, and many kinds of grasses.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
The Gulmarg Biosphere reserve has some of the most endangered wildlife in Kashmir. They include Hangul, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear, and fox. The bird population includes blue rock pigeon, snow cock, Kashmir Roller, and Jungle Crow.
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