Trible Tour Of Madhya Pradesh
Trible Tour Of Madhya Pradesh

Duration : 10 Days 11 Nights

Day 1-2: Bhopal
Visit the Tribal Museum in Bhopal to get an overview of the state's tribal cultures.
Explore nearby tribal villages.
Day 3-4: Pachmarhi
Travel to Pachmarhi, explore Satpura National Park, and visit Korku and Gond villages.
Day 5-6: Jhabua and Alirajpur
Attend the Bhagoria Haat Festival (if in season).
Visit Bhil and Bhilala artisan villages.
Day 7-8: Chhindwara and Seoni
Engage with the Baiga community.
Explore local markets and crafts.
Day 9-10: Mandla and Dindori
Visit Baiga Chak and experience traditional Baiga art and dances.
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